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By Andrea Jaurrieta 

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Ana is a young, well-educated Spanish woman from a traditional middle-class family. She is about to finish her PhD in Law and get married but she doesn‘t feel fulfilled. One day, a double appears and takes her place. Realizing for the first time that she is totally free, Ana decides to explore her new anonymity and freedom, testing her own limits and searching for the meaning of life between a boarding house and cabaret nights in Madrid. 

Ingrid García Jonsson, Mona Martínez

Director Biography:
A graduate from ESCAC and Complutense University of Madrid as well as a graduate in drama from William Layton’s Lab. Ana by Day is her first feature film. Previously she has directed several short films and video-installations. She combines her personal work with her job as a History of Cinema teacher and as Executive Development Assistant for Icónica Productions. 

Director Statement:
In Ana by Day time is stopped in Madrid’s under-world in which Ana will get lost trying to find herself. She will try to run away from this sense of emptiness that some formal women of my generation have. A desire of escaping that also exists as a repressed wish for all the characters of the film. Are we living the lives that we want? Can we escape from ourselves? This is the point of convergence of all my previous films. 

Cast Biography:
Ingrid García Jonsson is one of the most outstanding new actresses in Spain. She became known for Beautiful Youth for which she was nominated and won several awards internationally. Since then she has been working in both major and independent productions, and successful TV-shows.

Mona Martínez cut her teeth in national theatre productions and has worked as supporting actress in several TV series and films like Locked Up.

Producer: Andrea Jaurrieta, Iván Luis 

Technical Information:
Original Title: Ana de Día | Colour | 104’ | Audio 5.1  

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