The Cake General

The Cake General

by Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson

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Sweden, 1985: the TV-show Rekord-Magazinet announces Köping to be the most boring city in the country. While the long-time residents of the town ignore the news, a middle-aged newcomer called Hasse P. decides to hit back at the "Stockholm snobs" by baking the world’s longest layer cake, bringing the town together in the process.

Awards & Festivals

Seattle, Haugesund
Valladolid Seminci, Hamburg


Mikael Persbrandt, Agnes Lindström Bolmgren, Helena Bergström, Tomas von Brömssen

Director Bio

Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson are Sweden’s most award-winning TV personalities, having won a total of nine Swedish Emmy awards. Their feature documentary Nice People, was a box office smash in Sweden and received a lot of international recognition. The Cake General is their first feature film, which has been a critical and commercial success in their native Sweden.

Cast Bio

Mikael Persbrandt is one of the most well-known Swedish actors working nowadays, known in Scandinavia for his role as Gunnvald Larsson in the series Beck, and throughout the world for his participation in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, as Beorn, as well as Susanne Bier’s In a Better World and Kristian Levring’s The Salvation.

After smaller roles in TV Series and short films in her native Sweden and in Germany, Agnes Lindström Bolmgren makes her feature film debut in The Cake General.

Helena Bergström has a career spanning over three decades, ranging from Film and TV to Theatre and Music. She had her acting breakthrough with The Women on The Roof, where she acted alongside Stellan Skarsgård, and was awarded the Guldbagge for Best Actress for her roles in The Ferris Wheel and The Last Dance.


Directors Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson
Script Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson 
Producers Renée Axö, Lars Beckung, Martin Söder
Executive Producer Johannes Hobohm, Mikael Persbrandt
Director of Photography Simon Rudholm
Make-up designer Eva von Bahr & Love Larson
Art Director Maria Sohlman
Costume designer Ingrid Sjögren
Film editor Johan Kjellberg, Henrik Källberg
Composer Lars Winnerbäck
Production Manager Lisa Berggren Eyre

Original Title: Tårtgeneralen | Sweden 2018 | Comedy | Swedish OV with english subs | 101’ | 2.35:1 | 2K | 24fps

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