Juliet And Alfa Romeo

Juliet And Alfa Romeo

by Blaz Zavrsnik

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An attractive high school student's world is turned upside down when a seemingly harmless oath, he made to be faithful, turns out to be a roller coaster of death, love and magic spells. The solution is right around the corner but his deep belief in the incantation’s existence prevents him from making the right choice.

Awards & Festivals

International Premiere @ Belgrade Int’l Film Festival!


Dario Nozic Serini: Tilen
Jan Gerl Korenc: Zeljko
Katja Skofic: Tina
Spela Colja: Sara
Andrej Nahtigal: Rado

Director Bio

Blaž Završnik Born in 1984 in Celje, Slovenia.
After graduating from Architecture he continued his pursue for storytelling and studied film directing at the National film school in Ljubljana. There he began shooting short films: The Touch (2009), Sunrise Over the City (2012), Amelia (2012) and Adagio (2013) were presented at international festivals and attracted the interest of critics. With Sunrise Over the City he won Slovenian national award for best short film. His first feature Sailing to Paradise (2014) won Audience award at Slovenian national film festival and is just starting its festival life. Blaž is in postproduction of his second feature film Juliet and Alfa Romeo with its release date planned in autumn 2015.

Director Statement

“When I first read the original Serbian screenplay, I was immediately touched by its wonderful rising action, the three-dimensional characters, excellent situation comedy, and a compelling, fluent plot structure. It was one of the rare occasions when the story I was reading was exactly like the story I would want to tell myself.”


Director: Blaz Zavrsnik
Original Screenplay: Danilo Beckovic & Dimitrije Vojnov
Scriptwriter: Zupanec Andrej & Blaz Zavrsnik
Producer: Ales Pavlin & Andrej Stritof
Director of Photography: Lev Predan Kowarski
Editor: Andrej Nagode
Production Design: Maja Moravec
Production Company: PERFO Productions

Original Title: Julija in alfa Romeo / Digital 2K / 1:2,35 / Colour / 85 min / Audio: 5.1 / Romantic Comedy / Slovenian with English subtitles / DCP / Slovenia, 2015

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