Perdida (Lost Sofia)

Perdida (Lost Sofia)

by Katherine Chediak Putnam, Luiza Shelling Tubaldini

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In the enchanting 19th-century world, Sofia, a modern spirit, embarks on an unforeseen journey, torn between her longing for the familiar comforts of her former life and the magnetic allure of a timeless era. Amid the charm of this captivating epoch, she grapples with the duality of her existence, forging a destiny where dreams seamlessly intertwine with reality, testing her resolve as never before.


Giovanna Grigio, Bruno Montaleone, Bia Arantes

Director Bio

Katherine Chediak Putnam is an emerging Brazilian-American director and works with her husband, Australian screenwriter Dean W Law. The couples' films attempt to bring stories to life, with personal relevance enriched by their multicultural experience. Their 2018 short Stray was nominated for an Australian Writers' Guild Award before playing some of the world's most celebrated genre festivals, including the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Short Film. Following this success, the pair's 2020 film Inferno was selected for Screen Queensland's Proof of Concept Initiative, and has been selected to play at major film festivals.

Luiza Shelling Tubaldini is known for Perdida (2023), Yakuza Princess (2021) and Divórcio (2017).

Director Statement

Adapting such a famous series of book as Perdida was an amazing and huge challenge. Our angle to deal with it was to bring more of the Jane Austen element to the adaptation, in the present and in the past.  With minor adjustments in the story, validated and created with the book’s author, we were able to create and adventure, full of romance and time-travel elements.  Moreover, the cast process was also very key to it, having Giovanna Grigio attached to the project was a major win.

Cast Bio

Giovanna Grigio is a Brazilian actress, singer, model and presenter. She debuted on television as a child reporter on the program The Best of Brazil, and in 2013 when she starred in the remake of the soap opera Chiquititas (2013). In 2017, he joined the cast of the 25th season of Viva a Diferença (2017), giving life to the character Samantha Lambertini. In 2020 she returned to play Samantha Lambertini in the series As Five and in 2022 he joined the cast of the series Rebelde.

Bruno Montaleone is known for The Other Side of Paradise (2017), Lost Sofia and O lado bom de ser traída.

Bia Arantes is a Brazilian actress and model. She became known in 2009 when playing Duda, in the soap opera Cat's Cradle. In 2011, she starred as Alexia, from the 19th season of Conectados. Her great highlight in her acting career came in 2016, when she gave life to sweet sister Cecília in the children's soap opera Carinha de Anjo. In 2019 she played Valéria Augusta in the soap opera Orphans of a Nation, winner of the International Emmy for 'Best Telenovela'.


Directors Katherine Chediak Putnam, Luiza Shelling Tubaldini
Screenwriters Rod Azevedo, Karol Bueno, Katherine Chediak Putnam
Producer Andre Skaf, Luiza Shelling Tubaldini
Director of Photography Jacob Solitrenick
Music Rogério da Costa Jr., Fabiano Krieger, Lucas Marcier, Gustavo Salgado      
Costume Joanna Ribas
Makeup Artist Marina Beltrao
Production Design Denis Netto  
Art Coordinator Barbara Carauta
Editors Danilo Lemos, Guilherme Schumann

Production Company Filmland Internacional

Original Title: Perdida | Brazil 2023 | Romance | 116’ | 2:39 | Portuguese OV with English and Spanish Subs | 4K | 23.976 fps

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