Sum Of Histories

Sum Of Histories

by Lukas Bossuyt

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The brilliant scientist Viktor lives a happy life with Lena, despite a tragic accident that occurred during their youth. When he makes a groundbreaking discovery that can change the course of their lives, he will learn that manipulating the time comes with certain risks. What would you do if you could change the past?

Awards & Festivals

Indian Premiere at Jagran Film Festival!
US Premieres at Stony Brook Film Festival!
German Premiere in Competition at Emden-Norderney IFF!
Asian Premiere in „Global Vision“ section @ Hong Kong IFF!
World Premiere in competition @ Montreal FF!


Matteo Simoni: Tom
Koen de Graeve: Viktor
Karina Smulders: Lena

Director Bio

After having a degree from the London Film School, Lukas Bossuyt made his name as a screenwriter of several Flemish TV series such as DE RODENBURGS and PETER ASPE – MORD IN BRÜGGE. He is also known as a director of commercials and short films, which won several prizes like Euroshorts Winner (2003), Cannes Shortlist (2005) and Viktor Awards Grand Prix (2007). SUM OF HISTORIES is his first feature film.

Director Statement

“I want to tell a story about love, or even better: I want to show the sum of different stories about love. What would happen with the love between two characters when you give them the chance to change the past? Changing the past keeps on stimulating people’s imagination and makes them curious.”

Cast Bio

Matteo Simoni began as a theatre actor. Later he starred in the TV-series such as AMATEURS (2014) directed by the Cannes awarded director Frank Van Passel. Simoni played also a main role in film MARINA (2013) a prize-winner of some European and international film awards.

Koen de Graeve is known for his acting on the Flemish television such as WAT ALS? (2011-2013) nominated to Emmy Awards in 2012, MET MAN EN MACHT (2013) and in VAN VLEES EN BLOED (2009). He received several awards for his work, as at the Flemish Television Stars 2010 and the Flemish Film Awards 2010.

Karina Smulders played in the Amsterdam Theatre Group in 2002. She was seen in several feature films like in successful Dutch film BRIDE FLIGHT (2008), WILD ROMANCE (2006) which won the prizes Rembrandt Award and Golden Calf and A THOUSAND KISSES (2006).


Director: Lukas Bossuyt
Screenwriter: Lukas Bossuyt
Editor: Philippe Ravoet
Cinematographer: Stijn Van Der Veken
Sound: Leo Franssen, Marc Lizier & Paul Gies
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen & Alexander Reumers
Producer: Frank Van Passel & Ivy Vanhaecke
Co-Production Company: Pupkin
Production Company: Caviar Films

Original Title: Terug Naar Morgen / 2,39 / Colour / 85 minutes / Romance, Drama, Sci-fi / 5.1 surround / Dutch with English subtitles / DCP / Belgium & Netherlands, 2015

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