522. A Cat, A Chinese Guy And My Father

522. A Cat, A Chinese Guy And My Father

by Paco R. Baños

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George is agoraphobic and can't go beyond 522 steps from home. One day, her cat forces her to embark on a trip from Spain to native Portugal. Along the way, George's whole world starts to widen.

Awards & Festivals

Malaga, Warsaw IFF, Sao Paulo IFF


Natalia de Molina, Alberto Jo Lee, Manolo Solo, Maya Murofushi


Director Bio

Director and writer, he was the recipient of the first Award in the SGAE Short Films Contest for his film Needs. His first feature film, Ali, premiered at the Festival in Malaga, winning the Award for Best First Feature. He has also directed some episodes of the popular Spanish series The Plague.

Director Statement

Whenever something happens in our lives, this becomes part of our past. Accepting or not that vital experience, the world can be made wider or smaller. If you give up your memories, your identity, who you are, your world can be locked in a perimeter of 522 steps. My film is about the need to agree and accept your past, so you may find a manner for your world to widen, or, at least, so it doesn't end being too small.

Cast Bio

Natalia de Molina 
Is a Spanish film, theater and television actress winner of two prestigious Goya Awards for her work on Vivir es mas fácil con los ojos cerrados and Techo y Comida, thus becoming the youngest Spanish actress to get this recognition. 

Nadia de Santiago 
Is a Spanish actress known both for TV-Shows like The 13 Roses and Love is forever as well for her role in the popular Netflix series The cable girls.

Manolo Solo 
Is a TV and Film actor and director. Among others, he starred in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan's Labyrinth. He is winner of a Goya and of two awards from the Union of Actors for Best Actor.


Screenplay Paco R Baños
Producer Angel Tirado
Co-Producers Pandora da Cunha, Pablo Iraola
Production Companies Tarkemoto, Ukbar Films
Cinematographer Fran Fernandez Pardo
Editor Fátima de los Santos, José M. G. Moyano
Assistant Director Carlos Sierra

Original Title: 522. Un gato, un chino y mi padre| Spain and Portugal 2019 | 90’ | Spanish OV with English subs | 1.85:1 | 2k | 24fps

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