by Jurijs Saule

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Martin visits a professor of Islamic Studies to tell him about an attack he has initiated. Can the professor show Martin a passage from the Quran that says it’s wrong to kill people with bombs? If not, Martin’s bomb will kill many people. The professor has no other weapons other than the word of God itself.

Awards & Festivals

German Film Award Golden Lola for Best screenplay


Zejhun Demirov, Ulrich Tukur

Director Bio

Jurijs Saule studied literature and mathematics in Berlin. Since he did not attend film school, together with Michail Lurje, who he met 22 years ago on a Jewish youth trip, they founded the production company "Blobel Film" to realize his dream of directing his first feature film. His script for "Martin reads the Quran" was awarded the highest German screenplay prize and the golden Lola Award, which enabled the project to receive state funding. Jurijs Saule is a member of the “German Film Academy" (Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.).

Director Statement

What would it mean for our society if it could not be proven that the Quran and God himself forbid the use of violence? Must we restrict the beliefs of others if they threaten our way of life? Do we presume to know better than the Almighty? Is Martin a madman, a bloody reformer, or the blurry mirror of a modern citizen forsaken by God?

Cast Bio

Zejhun Demirov, who has Macedonian roots, began his acting career at the Acting School in Düsseldorf. He acted in the RTL series Der Lehrer. He made his feature film debut in the ORF production Kebab mit alle. He was awarded the Götz George Young Talent Award of the First Steps Film Prize for his role in Oray.

Ulrich Tukur was part of the Freie Volksbühne Berlin with numerous leading and supporting roles, that landed him Actor of the Year award by German theater critics. He was artistic director of the Hamburg Kammerspiele. Tukur played the role of Lieutenant Colonel Anton Grubitz in the Oscar-winning film The Lives of Others.


Producer and Screenwriter Michail Lurje, Jurijs Saule
Director of Photography Arsenij Gusev
Sound Achim Burkart
Sound Design Thorsten Hoppe
Sound Design & Mixing Adrian Lo
Editor Jurijs Saule
Costume Riccarda Merten-Eicher
Make-Up Mandy Steiger
Art Director Stefan Rohde

Production Company Blobel Film

Original Title: Martin liest den Koran | 106’ | German OV | Germany 2023 | Audio 5.1 | Colour | Aspect Ratio 1.5:1 (3:2) | Shot On 6K with Sony Venice Rialto X-OCN

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