Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty

by Deyan Parouchev

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In the heart of the always controversial fashion industry, a new trend seeks to fight back against the imposed ideas of beauty and youth. Senior and atypical models are now very popular with fashion houses keen on showcasing their acceptance of diversity. Throughout the world, these protagonists, rich in age-old charisma, tell their stories and dreams.

Awards & Festivals

Tallinn Black Nights, Sofia


Catherine Loewe, Liu Xiaoqing, Yazemeenah Rossi, Jan de Villeneuve, Philippe Dumas

Director Bio

Deyan Parouchev is a Bulgarian photographer and director of photography whose work for companies such as Google, McDonald’s and L’Oréal has been shown all over the world. After a career of 15 years in the advertising industry, TIMELESS BEAUTY is his documentary feature debut.

Director Statement

Fashion is a fascinating subject. It attracts as much as it can repel. It is a world where so much is mixed up, from audacity to provocation, from restraint to a form of chastity. The big actors of the fashion world have often tried to format, to influence, to erase, and to exclude those who do not conform to their ephemeral definitions of beauty. Yet, in recent years, a reverse dynamic has begun and the faces and bodies that now grace the catwalks and fashion magazines are no longer so smooth, uniform, or perfectly proportioned as before. This has driven me to consider whether this is just a passing fad or a consequence of deeper changes in our society's codes and canons.


Director Deyan Parouchev
Interviewer Marianne Rosenzweig
Producer Quan Zhongyu
Executive and Associate Producers Méganne Liron, Aurélien Mathelier, Jamal Haddouche, Ji Chunxiang
Production Companies Shen Zhen Artking Culture Communication, Global Raytur International Public Communication Organization, Nanjing Zhenghe Culture Media, Goldenhoo Film and TV Media, Alien Production
Editing Alberto Yordanov
Sound Pierre Yves Lavoué, Christophe Penchenat, RosenKoev
Music Kalin Nikolov

Original Title: Timeless Beauty | France, China 2018 | French, English, Chinese OV with English subs | 85‘ | 2.39:1 | 4K | 25 fps

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