Sparrow's Call

Sparrow's Call

by Tim Kent

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Mike, a successful married man, is captivated by exotic dancer Val, after saving her from danger. However, as their passion deepens, Mike must confront the repercussions of his affair, as his marriage and career hang in the balance, particularly in Val’s hands…


David Bark Jones, Billie Vee

Director Bio

Tim Kent founded the Actors Studio based at Pinewood Studios in 2005. He has been directing professional actors the craft of screen acting for over 25 years. Tim is now working as a director and producer based at the legendary Pinewood Studios . His debut independent feature film Sparrow’s Call is due for release in 2023 

Director Statement

If you were given the chance to experience your deepest, darkest desires - would you take it?  That's the inspiration behind Sparrow's Call.  I wanted to explore that innate battle between our daily lives and our secret thoughts.  Thoughts that can often be taboo and buried deep inside our subconscious - never to be revealed.  It's a film that leaps from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the mundane to the mind-blowing.  But satisfying those sexual desires comes at a price, and soon it's no longer a game.

Cast Bio

David Bark Jones
His professional stage debut in 1992 was as Redpenny in A Doctor's Dilemma at the Manchester Royal Exchange, a role probably based on his Great Great Uncle Leonard Noon. Since then he has appeared in numerous award winning plays films and TV productions. Most notably as Carl in Patrick Marber's improvised play Dealer's Choice at the National Theatre, Lt Denny in the "Colin Firth" Pride and Prejudice, Bulanov in Alan Ayckbourn's The Forest adaptation also at the NT, Bertie in Guy Richie's RocknRolla, Francis in Scott Free's Pillars of the Earth, and Marty Braemer in the upcoming Weinstein Radius The Expatriate. Recent credits include Marvels new Secret Invasion. 

Billie Vee
Is a greek / british actress and screenwriter. Born in Athens, under the name Vasiliki Vlachou, Billie was cast in a number of roles in theatre, TV and cinema in Greece, Cyprus and the UK. Nominated twice for Best Actor in the Hamilton Film Festival and St Albans Film Festival, she has written a number of award winning short films, a web series and her first feature film Sparrow's Call in which she also stars.


Directed by Tim Kent
Written by Billie Vee
Producers Alessio Bergamo
DoP Zoran Veljkovic
Music Antonio Deodati & Unaderosa
Editor Kant Pan
Production Design Alex Jones Nash
Costume Design  Karmjit Kalla
Casting Kate Plantin

Production Companies Sparrow’s Call LTD

Original title: Sparrow's Call | 95 Minutes | English OV | UK 2023 | Audio 5.1 | Colour | Aspect Ratio 1.5:1 (3:2)

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