by Rain Rannu

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Lives will intersect through crypto's allure, wealth's pursuit, and lessons learned in a rapidly evolving financial world. Taavi, an unwitting Bitcoin holder, races to recover his lost fortune. Maximillion, a crypto entrepreneur, rides the turbulent waves of crypto's inception, facing hubris and redemption. Erik, a conservative banker, grapples with his son's crypto success while navigating challenges in a changing financial landscape.


Miklos Banyai, Märt Pius, Ivo Uukkivi

Director Bio

Rain Rannu is an Estonian film director and producer. His previous film as writer-director are startup-comedy Chasing Unicorns (Ükssarvik” - “how can something that didn’t exits two days ago be worth a million dollars?”) and AI-themed sci-fi adventure Child Machine (“Lapsmasin”,- “it sucks to be number two intelligent species on this planet — just ask the gorillas.”). Together with producer Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain is a founder of indie movie company Tallifornia that produces and finances narrative feature films from talented filmmakers from Estonia and elsewhere.

Director Statement

An ensemble movie that tells three interconnected stories of money, loosely based on real-life events. It’s my take on the crypto and investment craze of the last few years, where every taxi driver is an investment expert, where money has no price and everything can only go in one direction — up. And what happens when the crisis hits — as it always inevitably does. It is part satire, part fast-paced comedy, part drama. Drawing on the real history of crypto and people around its first decade, I’m interested in exploring the absurdity of money and what it does to people who get especially obsessed about it. Free Money is an authentic story of a recent phenomenon, told in a fun and interesting way for a wide international audience.

Cast Bio

Miklós Bányai is an Estonian actor. His previews work includes, the British TV Series Dracula, thereafter the American FBI International, and his first Feature was Porthole.

Märt Pius is an Estonian stage, television, and film actor Following his graduation from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre join at the Tallinn City Theather. His first feature film was Detektiivid Ja Valge Daami Saladus, followed by the starring role in the drama Nullpunkt He was cast in the war drama 1944 which was selected as the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

Ivo Uukkivi born in Tallinn, is a Film/Television actor and producer. He started his career at the Tallinn’s Estonian Drama Theater with roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Emperor Nero's Private Life. He television debut on the series Salmonid and starred in V.E.R.I. His work on film includes Hysteria, among others.


Director and Writer Rain Rannu
Producers Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain Rannu
Director of Photography Ants Tammik
Supervisor Sound Editor Markus Andreas
Music Bert On Beats 
Costume Tõnu Hiielaid
Production Design Tõnu Hiielaid, Anita Kremm, Urment Piiling, Liisamari Viik   
Editor Moonika Põdersalu, Rain Rannu

Production Company Tallifornia

Original Title: VABA RAHA | Estonia 2023 | Drama, Crime Drama | 104’ | 2.39:1| English and Estonia OV with English Subs | 2K | 25 fps

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