In The Light of The Night

In The Light of The Night

by Misha L. Kreuz

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Minthe, a young woman with a tormented past, finds herself the victim in a conspiracy of criminals. She makes a pact with a mysterious cave creature and now has to carry out a dangerous task.

In search of her true identity, she has to face her demons for a chance to start her life all over again.


Diana Maria Frank, Ralf Drexler, David Rott

Director Bio

Misha L. Kreuz has worked as an editor, assistant director and production manager for film and TV. After a variety of commercials, he wrote and directed his first independent feature "Greenhorn" which started to gain traction and international recognition in 2003 and was shown at film festivals worldwide. "In the Light of the Night", Kreuz’ follow-up to this venture, was completed this year in cooperation with Cologne production company Uhlandfilm.

Director Statement

The film arose from the observation that the bourgeois world produces facts that lead to insoluble contradictions and often end up in crime and destruction. In the past, the manifestation of patriarchy in civil society has led to increasing challenges for the feminine part of society. "In the Light of the Night" not only reveals the abyss  behind  the surface, but  the  cinematically  designed  surface  forms  the abyss for everything that happens in the film.

Cast Bio

Diana Maria Frank is a German actress, known for Im Nachtlicht, Bettys Diagnose, and Die Schönste im ganzen Land.

Ralf Drexler is a German actor who worked for a number of feature films and TV series on German TV, such as Cologne, P.D. and crime hit show Tatort.

David Rott is an actor who is known for his numerous work in German TV shows, among them Tatort, Bad Cop, Nord Nord Mord and the Donna Leon adaptations.


Writer & director Misha L. Kreuz
Producers Anja Uhland
Director of Photography Katharina Dießner
Music Alev Lenz
Sound Henric Schleiner
Costume design Elisabeth Kraus
Production design Céline Ahlbrecht
Editor Antonia-Marleen Klein
Casting Anja Uhland, Kristin Diehle, Gabriella Bandel

Original Title: Im Nachtlicht | 92’ | German OV | Aspect Ratio: 1:1,85 | Shot on Red | Germany 2021

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