by Lars Knorrn

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During a worldwide pandemic a marketing director Laszlo isolates himself in his apartment due to a fear of contracting the virus. He avoids all human contact– even to his wife, Sabina, and their two children, who are staying at a vacation house. But one evening, his new neighbour Zoe appears at his doorstep. ZOE's uninhibited relationship with KARL, which he now watches from the window, seems a welcome distraction in LASZLO's struggle to land new business and avoid his company's impending bankruptcy.



Aleksandar Jovanovic; Hannah Ehrlichmann; Anne Schäfer

Director Bio

The son of a fairground painter Lars Knorrn grew up in various amusement parks around Germany. Self-taught in filmmaking, Lars lived for six years in London, where his career as a commercial director began. His ambition moved him further to Paris, where he made his feature film debut SILHOUETTES, in which he critically explored observations from the advertising and fashion world. Today Lars lives in Berlin.

Director Statement

During the Corona curfew, I had the desire to capture this extraordinary moment - not only to share very personal feelings, but also to explore them throughout the entire process. The risk of showing oneself vulnerable is a fundamental position of the characters in DISTANZ. LASZLO and ZOE negotiate in their most minimalistic and most human form consequences of the ego and fear, but also the desire for love and truth.

Cast Bio

Aleksandar Jovanovic
After studying dance and acting in Hamburg and New York, Aleksandar Jovanovic celebrated his first major success as early as 1998 with his first leading role in Fatih Akin's feature film debut "Kurz und Schmerzlos". He received three acting awards for it: the prestigious Grimme Award, the Bronze Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival and the Jean Carmet Award at the Angers European Film Festival in France.

From then on, he took on countless leading and supporting roles in national as well as international projects. To date has starred in more than 90 film and series productions and worked with Germany's most successful filmmakers. He was also able to prove his versatile acting alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ben Kingsley in the US thriller „Collide. Under the direction of James Gray he worked in "The lost City of Z" alongside Robert Pattinson, Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller. Aleksandar is known for his dedication to the role as well as his intense and uncompromising preparation for each project. In DISTANZ, Aleksandar Jovanovic takes the lead role and acts as co-writer.


Directed by Lars Knorrn
Written by Lars Knorrn & Aleksandar Jovanovic
Starring Aleksandar Jovanovic, Hannah Ehrlichmann, Anne Schäfer
Producer Felix Leiberg, Walter Peitz
Co-Producer Lars Knorrn & Aleksandar Jovanovic
Executive Producers:  Walter Peitz, Felix Leiberg, Jonathan Teklu.
DP Felix Leiberg
Sound Tom Schön

Original Title: Distanz | Germany 2022 | Drama| German OV | 94’ | Colour | Audio 5.1 | 1:2,39 | 4K DCP / 4K Dolby Vision| 25 fps

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