Perfect Obedience

Perfect Obedience

by Luis Urquiza Mondragón

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Julian, a 13-year-old seminarian will endure a hard spiritual journey to reach Perfect Obedience. The order’s founding father, captivated by his fragility and innocence, will take him to live together with him in his private home for a year. In that time Julian will wander the most intense and contradictory phase of his life while his mentor guides him to complete psychological and physical surrender.

Awards & Festivals

Indian Premiere in Competition @ Pune Int’l Film Festival!
Luis Urquiza Mondragón won the Best Director Debut Award @ Camerimage!
Polish Premiere in First Feature Competition @ Camerimage!
Grand Prix Des Amériques (Best Film) at Montreal World Film Festival!
Best Director and Best Actor at Cine Ceará Festival!
US Premiere in Miami LGBT Film Festival! 
11 Nominations at the 2015 Mexican Diosas de Plata: Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, Best Leading Actor, Best Male Revelation, Best Secondary Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best First Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Film Editing!
Nominated for 6 ARIEL (Mexican Academy of Film Award), among which Best First Film, Best Actor and Best Male Revelation!
Ariel 2015: PERFECT OBEDIENCE won Best Actor (Juan Manuel Bernal), Best Male Revelation (Sebastian Aguirre) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Luiz Urquiza & Ernesto Alcocer)!
DIOSES DE PLATA 2015: PERFECT OBEDIENCE won Best Male Revelation (Sebastian Aguirre) and Best Supporting Actor (Juan Ignacio Aranda)!


Juan Manuel Bernal: Angel de la Cruz
Sebastian Aguirre: Sacramento Santos
Juan Ignacio Aranda: Padre Galaviz
Alejandro de Hoyos: Alberto Martínez
Luis Ernesto Franco: Padre Robles

Director Bio

Luis Urquiza graduated from the UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University) in Communications and complimented his studies with cinema and journalism classes. Since 1987 he has worked as a producer and a director for television. Later on in his life, he started working in film production. In 2001, together with Lourdes García, he founded Astillero Films. PERFECT OBEDIENCE is his first feature.

Director Statement

“I joined a seminary to become a priest when I was twelve years old. I was there for eight years. At the seminary, I learned that institutions sometimes act as they would be above people. Bernado Alvarez, Archbishop of Tenerife Spain, declared that he justifies the abuses carried out by paedophiles camouflaged as priests. Why the impunity?
It requires many accomplices. I thought it was important to denounce that economic and political power circles which choose to defend paedophile priests.”

Cast Bio

Juan Manuel Bernal was born in 1967 in Mexico City. He studied Acting at the CUT (Centro Universitario de Teatro) in UNAM. His most important participations in films are MIDAQ ALLEY (1995), RECIPES TO STAY TOGETHER (1998), WITHOUT A TRACE (2000) and THE BLUE ROOM (2002).

Sebastián Aguirre was born in Mexico City in 1998. He began his acting studies at the age of 8 years with Paloma Arredondo. PERFECT OBEDIENCE is his first film. After it, he starred the awarded film GÜEROS (2014) by Alonso Ruiz Palacios which was screened in Berlinale, Sundance, Karlovy Vary and among others reknown festivals.


Director: Luis Urquiza 
Producers: Lourdes García, Luis Urquiza 
Script: Ernesto Alcocer/Luis Urquiza, 
Director of Photography: Serguei Saldívar Tanaka A.M.C.
Art Director: Julieta Álvarez
Costume Design: Josefina Echeverría
Sound: Antonio Diego 
Editor: Jorge Macaya 
Music: Alejandro Giacomán 
Sound Design: Miguel Ángel Molina
Post Production: Tlacateótl Mata
Co-production: Estudios Churubusco, Mestizo Films, Memoria Films
Production Company: Astillero Films

Original Title: Obediencia Perfecta / 16mm / 1:85 / Colour / 99 min / Dolby Surround / Spanish with English subtitles / DCP / Mexico 2014

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