Something In The Way

Something In The Way

by Teddy Soeriaatmadja

Synopsis | Cast & Crew | Technical Information

Ahmad (27) is a strong devoted Muslim who drives a cab during the night shift and practice his religion during the day. During his time driving a cab ,he often encounters strangers in his cab on a day to day basis . Ahmad is like the many of the lonely souls living in Jakarta struggling for survival and also send money back home for his parents in the village. What people don’t know about Ahmad , is that beneath the simple and humble man , Ahmad is obsessed with sex. Ahmad is a compulsive masturbator . Scattered around in his living room is his collection of hardcore porno. This character within him is due to the fact that he was brought up in a very hardline religious background which makes it very difficult for him to interact with women.
Santi (25) is a woman who lives next door to Ahmad . They both live in this rundown building in the center of Jakarta which is the hardcore part of the town. By chance encounter Ahmad meets Santi and creates an attraction between them. Ahmad becomes intrigue with Santi .
One Night Ahmad is driving a passenger to some motel to another part of town , Ahmad happens to see Santi from a far ..It turns out Santi is working as a prostitute. Intrigue by this revelation , Ahmad becomes obsessed and begins to follow Santi around in his taxi cab.
This obsession begins to take control of Ahmad’s life which makes him question his beliefs.


Reza Rahadian
Ratu Felisha
Verdi Solaiman

Director Bio

Born in Japan in 1975, he studied at the University of Wales, Newport in the UK where he wrote several screenplays. After graduating he moved to Indonesia and began working on his first short film. He made his feature debut in 2005 with BANYU BIRU.
2005 Banyu Biru • 2006
Ruang • 2007 Badai pasti berlal u • 2008
Namak u Dick • 2009 Ruma Maida • 2011
Lovel y Man • 2013 Something in the way

Director Statement

I’ve always wanted to do a love story between two lonely souls that becomes obsessive between one another. The idea of putting these two characters in a backdrop of the hard and gritty Jakarta life is also something that I want to explore. 
I want to make real stories about real people who are pushed beyond the limits of sanity. The romance in this story will also mirror the violence that the character will be drawn to. 
The characters that I want to create is ordinary people being thrown in to extraordinary situation.


Director/Writer: Teddy Soeriaatmadja
Cinematography: Ical Tanjung 
Editor: Eric Prmasetio
Art Director: Revi Santoso
Sound: Khikmawan Santosa, Abdul Malik
Costume: Ve Verdinand
Make Up: Eba Sheba, Jimmy Asoen
Line Producer: Doddy M Husna
Producer: Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Indra Tamorron Musu

Original Title: SOMETHING IN THE WAY / 1:1.85 / Colour / 89 min / 5.1 / Indonesian with English subtitle / DCP & HDCam available / Indonesia 2013

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