by Álvaro Muñoz

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A group of girls from a humble little town in the middle of the desert, disappears systematically without the police or the authorities taking action on the matter. Families, desperate, seek help, but are faced with bureaucracy, discrimination and total abandonment.

Awards & Festivals

Havana IFF


Catalina Saavedra, Daniel Candia

Director Bio

Álvaro Muñoz graduated in 2005 from the Arcos Art and Communication Professional Institute. He directed several award-winning short films and is a professor of multimedia graphic design and digital video post-production at the Arcos Professional Institute. Diablada is his debut film.

Director Statement

It inspires me making a film about the crimes that took place in Alto Hospicio, because various social, political and cultural elements of our Chilean identity were intertwined in a horrifying crime. A marginal Chile reveals the abuse of power exercised by different levels of government, the banality of institutions in its most incompetent and profane version.

Cast Bio

Catalina Saavedra was born in Chile in 1968. She started acting at the age of 10 and is mainly known for the movies The Maid (2009) and Old Cats (2010).

Daniel Candia is a Chilean actor who starred in movies like To Kill A Man (2014), Hidden in the Woods (2012) and The Oak´s Shadows (2011).


Executive Producer Eduardo Salinas & Teresa Salinas
Director Álvaro Muñoz Rodríguez
Production Manager Arantza Carrizo Ortiz
Director of Photography Álvaro Cortés
Art Director Nicolás Oyarce
Direct Sound Carlos Arias Rojas
Editor Eduardo García

Chile, Venezuela | 2020 | Drama, Thriller | 90’ | 1.85:1  | Spanish OV with English Subtitles | 2k | 23,976 fps

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