Left Unsaid

Left Unsaid

by Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla

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Year 1994, Puerto Montt. Margarita, a charismatic and ambitious single mother with a rising career as a seller of mobile phones - technology recently arrived in the southern part of the country- travels together with Cucho, her co-worker, to different rural areas of the regional capital in search of clients. This boundless race for connectivity exposes communication conflicts inside Margarita’s personal life because she must deal with her mother, a fanatical singer of Pope John Paul II. 


Mariana Loyola Ruz, Héctor Morales, Patricia Cuyul, Judith Chávez, Antonia Méndez

Director Bio

Chilean cinematographer Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla, hailing from Puerto Montt, founded Delavida Films in 2013, focusing on supporting independent Latin American cinema from development to distribution. He has directed acclaimed short films like "The Art of Transcending," "Hunter," "Martuca," and award-winning "Todos Caminamos." His debut feature film, "Left Unsaid," a Chile-Colombia co-production, is in post-production after receiving recognition from the Chilean production fund.

Director Statement

The character of Margarita was created with my mother in mind, who also, in those years, worked selling mobile phones in rural areas of the X region of Chile. Having accompanied her several times on her long journeys, when I was just a child, that sales dynamic remains in my head, the idea of raising a kind of indiscriminate staging, offering people to be part of a supposed communication revolution. Under this premise, a character emerges: Margarita, a mother and daughter who ignores her own communication conflicts, where the panorama is literally presented. The arrival of this new technology brings with it distances with our identity and the death of traditions of folklore (such as singing to the divine), which unfortunately seem to have no place in modern times. 

Cast Bio

MARIANA LOYOLA RUZ is a Chilean actress in theatre, film, and TV. Her breakthrough came in 2001 with "Amores de mercado," followed by films like "La fiebre del loco," "Sub Terra," and "Cachimba." Notable TV roles include "Machos" and "El baile de la Victoria." Loyola's accolades include two APES, an Altazor, a Pedro Sienna, and a Caleuche Award, plus honours at Huelva and Cartagena Film Festivals.

HÉCTOR MORALES (Cucho) is a Chilean actor excelling in film, TV, and theatre. Recognized for films like "Promedio Rojo" "Grado 3" and "Gatos Viejos". Among his TV series participations "Los 80" and "Bala Loca" stand out. He has been recognized in Pedro Sienna and Altazor Awards. A talented figure in Chilean entertainment.

PATRICIA CUYUL (Margarita) Chilean actress born in Santiago in 1980, gained fame in film and TV with her roles in 'Taco Alto,' 'La Vida de los Peces,' and series like 'Los 80.' Beyond her screen acting, she's excelled in theatre, notably in 'El Malentendido' and socially-driven projects like 'Desposeídos.'"


1st Assistant Director Sofía Bascuñán Svendsen

Director of Photography Pablo Valenzuela

Art Director Juana Lizaso

Sound Director Carlo Sánchez

Composer Oscar Lapó

Editor Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla, Benjamín Miranda McLeod 

Editing Consultant Danielle Fillios

Original title: Lo Que No Se Dijo | 90 minutes | Spanish OV |  Audio 5.1 | Colour | Aspect Ratio 4:3

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