Bye Bye Boredom

Bye Bye Boredom

by Elina Sahlin

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When 13-year-old farmgirl Jackie loses her best friend Nova in a drug-related tragedy, she flees to confront the village's elusive drug dealer—the mailman. Despite the 17 years age difference, Jackie moves in with the dealer in his ramshackle apartment, determined to stay until she learns the truth about the fateful night. As she grapples with guilt and uncovers the truth, "Bye Bye Boredom" delivers a riveting exploration of youth, loyalty, and the silent whispers of a troubled past.

Awards & Festivals

Goteborg Film Festival 2024


Kiwi Casslind, Kalled Mustonen, Electra Hallman, Albin Grenholm

Director Bio

Elina Sahlin is a Swedish screenwriter and director. She has made the short films Department of Detachment (2021) and Yellow Cross my Heart (2020), which is based on her own published novel of the same name. Bye bye boredom is her first feature film.

Director Statement

When I grew up you could do horses or drugs. Some manage to do both. This part of the Nordic countries is a blind spot.The protagonist tells us this story in first person imperfect. I work with unpredictable elements such as animals, rain and fire.  Sound and silence carries the emotional states. Drug trips will be audiovisual and tactile rather than visual. Coming of age life here is undiscovered. I needed mother tongue accents, hence plenty of first time actors. The style is slightly enhanced with anamorphic lenses rather than following the social realistic sensoric tradition.  

The pacing will follow Jackie’s gradual emotional build-up. The editing is dynamic. Tension will build like a slow, irregular heartbeat that suddenly stops, leaving us in silence. 

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Director & Scriptwriter Elina Sahlin

Producer Christian Kielberg

Cinematographer Emil Klang (FSF)

Composer Lisa Montan

Production Designer Frida Mary Eriksson

Costume Designer Sera Cederberg

Mask Design Julia Stening

Casting Director Pauline Hansson

Editor Hanna Storby (SFK), Michał Leszczyłowski (SFK)

Sound Design Jonas Jansson

Colorist Mimmi Muskos

Original title: Bye Bye Boredom | 76 minutes | Swedish OV |  Audio 5.1 | Colour | Aspect Ratio 2.39:1

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