by André Szardenings

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Bruno's irrational, symbiotic relationship with his mother Toni, is turned upside down when her new girlfriend Hannah, decides to move into their bungalow in Spain. Up until now, Bruno has always been the center of his mum's attention but now that Hannah is there things are different.


Julius Nitschkoff, Lana Cooper, Karin Hanczewski

Director Bio

André Szardenings was born in 1989 in Düsseldorf, Germany. After high school, he worked for several commercial production companies, mainly as a DoP and for films like Cloud Atlas directed by Tom Tykwer in the location department. After five years, he felt that even though he liked cinematography, he was more interested in directing and working with actors. He applied at international filmschool Cologne (ifs) for the directing class and was accepted. He finished his studies with his feature film BULLDOG, which was immediately nominated for the most significant German newcomer award: First Steps Awards. Since he knew how to handle a camera, he not only directed BULLDOG but also did the cinematography and wrote the script.


Writer & director André Szardenings
Director of Photography André Szardenings
Commissioning Editor Natalie Lambsdorff  & Carlos Gerstenhauer
Costume Kaya Olbs
Producers Katharina Kolleczek & Lea Neu
Sound Design Lukas Rabl, Johannes Grote, Fabian Bentrup & Jan-Michael Hökenschnieder
Music NOIA

Original Title: Bulldog | Germany 2022 | Drama | German OV | 95’ | Colour | Audio 5.1 | Shot Digital/RED | 24 fps

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