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By Nicolas Bazz 

Genre: Sci-Fi

An ex-convict flies four scientists to a black hole, 50 light years away from earth. An accident propels them 10.000 light years away from their home, their lives, their culture… 

Jauris Casanova
Hélène Seuzaret
Benjamin Boyer
Pierre-Alain de Garrigues
Laure Gouget  

Director Biography:
Nicolas Bazz started in video art, to awards and acclaim, straight out of film school. He went on to direct 2 fiction short films Clueur and Zooloo, alternating with commercials, music videos and TV shows. He's been hard at work as writer/director/producer of his first feature film, "The Big Everything" for the past four years. He likes movies, food, the universe. And nothing else. 

Director Statement:
The unknown is gone, and we miss it.
So… I imagined the inevitable encounter between us and our
Universe, far outside of our solar system.
What will remain of us, what will change. With the certainty that
immensity will not destroy us, that we will adapt, that one day, soon
enough, we will eat a good ol’ stew between the Milky Way and

Cast Biography:
JAURIS CASANOVA (Niels) is a classical theater actor. He has brought his fresh take on classical Shakespeare or Ionesco characters outside of France, to raving American and Russian audiences among many others.
Snatching Jauris for his first lead in a feature film, is one of the greatest pride of the producers.

Since winning best new talent at the Molieres in his twenties for an outstanding performance in Bent, Benjamin has consistently delighted theater and TV audiences with a steady mix of mainstream and arthouse productions.

Directed by: Nicolas Bazz
Writer: Nicolas Bazz & Yann Bazz
Producers: Ann Barrel, Nicolas Bazz, Yann Bazz
Production Company : Ombres Productions
Cinematography: Jean-Philippe Bourdon
Composer: Christophe Jacquelin
Production Design, Visual effects: Yann Bazz
Sound Design: Sebastien Guidis
Set Design: Christian Baquiast


Technical Information:
Original Title: Le Grand Tout / 4K / 25 FPS / Red Camera / 2.35:1 / Colour / 118 min / 5.1 / Sci-Fi / French with English Subtitles / DCP – HD / France, 2016 

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