by Yesid Leone

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Joaquin, a successful businessman, is having the time of his life; however, while dining at a prestigious restaurant, he runs into his ex-girlfriend Nina. The encounter is peaceful until Joaquin receives a series of mysterious text messages, demanding that he publishes dark secrets of certain people present. If he doesn’t comply, Nina will be murdered. A sordid game begins, in a confined public place where everyone’s life is at risk.


Maria Fernanda Yepes, Osvaldo de Leon, Roberto Escobar

Director Bio

Yesid Leone Moreno is a screenwriter and director from Antioquia; he studied Television Production at the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic in Medellín. Throughout his career, he has made around 30 short films, and has trained more than 500 actors in his hometown. He is a founding partner of Resplandor Films, parent company of the three feature films written and directed by him.

Director Statement

The story takes place in a single predominant space, channeling through a series of unfortunate events. All characters are connected and immersed in the central conflict of the story. Intrigue, distrust, uncertainty and claustrophobia will be the four narrative elements, playing with the mind of the characters, and the spectators, giving you an experience in real time. Retrospective and distorted timelines are dominant elements, and like loose pieces of a puzzle that will all come together in the end.

Cast Bio

María Fernanda Yepes is a Colombian actress, known for Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso, La Teniente and Línea de Tiempo.

Osvaldo de León an American actor and producer, he debuted on television in 2007 in the Mexican telenovela Palabra de Mujer, playing Ariel Castellanos. Osvaldo has participated in several plays and Mexican movies, and is known for Juro Que Te Amo, Hidden Moon and Loca Por El Trabajo.

Roberto Escobar is a Cuban actor. He has worked in over 40 films, including Perseguida, Transporter 2, and My Father the Hero. His outstanding performances have gained Roberto various awards for his work in film, theater, and television.


Director Yesid Leone
Screenwriter Yesid Leone
Producer Lina Gomez
Director of Photography Tyron Gallego 
Sound Design Alexander Maury Lopez and Juan Sebastian Ochoa
Music Felipe Di Franco and Julián López              
Editor Yesid Leone

Production Company Resplandor Films

Original Title: Línea de Tiempo | Colombia 2023 | Suspense, Action | 106’ | 2:39 SCOPE | Spanish OV with English Subs | 4K | 23.974 fps

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