Catalogue : Upcoming Films


By Erdenebileg Ganbold 

Genre: Adventure, Drama

During the Russian Revolution in Mongolia, a nomad boy begins his journey with his mother’s guidance. She raises him to trust in the only gift she could give him: a horse who becomes his best friend. After being cruelly separated from everything he loves, the boy sets off on a journey to find his steed. An epic story about family, love, devotion and kinship with one's homeland.

New Director’s Cut expected mid July 

Ariunbold.E, Enkhtuul.G, Tserendagva.P  



By Alfredo León León 

Genre: Thriller

A handmade narco sub is on the verge of sinking and losing its precious cargo due to a mechanical failure. The three crew members are forced to open the forbidden cargo cabin to distribute the weight and save the ship. Next to the cargo they find a special “gift“ for the buyer: a young girl, gagged and in terrible shape. The boat, barely big enough for three to begin with, becomes a steaming powder cake of fears, desires and greed. 

Natalia Reyes, José Restrepo, Leynar Gómez, Carlos Valencia  



By Carlos Lamarche 

Genre: Documentary

‘Forget Brazil, the models that everyone is talking about today are from the Dominican Republic.’ reads a recent headline in Vogue.

Dominican women from humble origins and not fitting into their home country’s traditional standard of beauty, are often the subjects of derision and bullying.
Their perseverance and extreme internal strength, brought them into an international stage and despite the racism, poverty and prejudice have become, ironically, the most prominent and famous ambassadors of their homeland today.

Omahyra Mota , Arlenis Sosa, Lineisy Montero  



By Jan Hryniak 

Genre: Drama

The fascinating life of Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor, starting from his childhood, through education in high school in Tarnow, graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts and his activity in the Krakow artistic community, international successes in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, until his death in the early Nineties. Set against a backdrop of the most dramatic moments in the history of the twentieth century – war, love, madness, international career and his absolute and uncompromising devotion to art. 

Borys Szyc, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Paulina Puślednik  



By Patricio Salinas Salazar 

Genre: Drama

Maria takes up the challenge and make a better life for her and her children. The path will be filled with loneliness and struggles that could make her fall apart but Maria’s love for her children will become her most powerful drive in her dark journey to, ultimately, find peace and happiness.  

Mónica Lairanas, Alfredo Castro  



By Roua Alazzawi 

Genre: Character Driven, Drama

Log Line:
A story based on multiple true events to different real people, who suffered from the hate crimes in Iraq and other parts of the Arab World. 

Iter Baghdad (Baghdad Perfume in Arabic) is an Iraqi woman in her 30’s. She lives a quiet life with her beloved husband, Rauf, and their little son Ahmed.
The family enjoys a peaceful and happy life until the deteriorating situation in their city becomes unbearable. They struggle with constant power outages, a shortage of drinkable water, dark and dangerous streets littered with military units, neighbourhood militia and the threat of car bombs, as well as the constant presence of the U.S. Army with its imposing armoured vehicles.
In despair, Iter makes what she feels is the only choice that will save her child: leaving Iraq.