Catalogue : Black Velvet

THE CAGED II (In Pre-Production)  


Genre: Psychological Thriller

Determined to find out why their friend committed suicide by jumping from an upper floor of a pre-revolutionary apartment building in Moscow, three American students travel to Russia to find answers. In the apartment with the dead boy’s seemingly disturbed roommate, they attempt contact the dead with a spirit board but end up unleashing something evil. As horrible things start happening, the students seek the help of a famed Russian medium. 

Cast Biography:
Star of The O.C., The Sibling, Apartment 1303 3D, The Sixth Sense
Established as one of the most sought-after young actors of her generation. In recent years, she starred in Mining for Ruby directed by Zoe Quist, Beyond Justice with Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones and opposite Billy Zane in Elephant’s Graveyard. Barton's most recent film appearances are alongside Martin Sheen in Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain and as the protagonist in the supernatural romance thriller Into the Dark.

Produced by: Rebel Movies
Executive Producers: Juan Carlos Ollana & Rafael Muñiz

Start shooting date: April 2017
Completion date: December 2017
Budget: €1.500.000

Technical Information:
2017 / Psychological Thriller, Horror / Spain / English / 2:35 / 90’ 

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