Catalogue : Black Velvet

RAVENOUS (In Pre-production)  

By Robert Reed Altman 

Genre: Elevated Horror, Supernatural Ghost Story

Adam and Lian are a young couple with an eight-year-old daughter who are determined to make a fresh start after Adam returns from military service. On the outskirts of L.A.’s Chinatown, the couple use their entire savings to buy a restaurant with an apartment above. Their intention is to live on the premises while they renovate the long-disused restaurant. But as soon as they move in, strange things start happening. The outside door opens on its own, unexplainable noises are heard, and supernatural creatures appear. They are told that it’s the seventh month of the Chinese year, when the gates of Hell open and the legendary Hungry Ghosts ascend to torment the living. When even their daughter vanishes, Lian is desperate enough to accept the help of the mysterious Mr. Chen. Ultimately it’s only Adam who has the power to save the life of their child. 


Director Biography:
ROBERT REED ALTMAN is the son of director Robert Altman. He got his start working as an assistant camera operator on several of his father's films (and then as camera operator for some of his later films). He has also worked as a camera operator and director of photography on television shows, including Lost, Bones, The Wonder Years, Boston Legal, and The O.C..
He has been a camera operator and DOP on several feature films, including the J.J. Abrams/Drew Goddard project Cloverfield and The Scorpion King starring The Rock.

Cast Biography:
Star of Sharknado, American Pie, Scrubs and The Big Lebowski.
Reid started her acting career at age six with A Return to Salem’s Lot. She is known for playing Vicky in American Pie, American Pie 2, American Reunion. Most notoriously, she starred in The Big Lebowski, Dr. T & The Women, Van Wilder, The Hungover Games.

Produced by: Rebel Movies
Executive Producers: Juan Carlos Ollana & Rafael Muñiz

Start shooting date: February 2017
Completion date: October 2017
Budget: €1.200.000


Technical Information:
2017 / Supernatural Ghost Story, Elevated Horror / Spain / English / 1:85 / 95’  

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