Catalogue : Black Velvet

OVERTIME (In Pre-Production)   

By Juan Carlos Ollana 

Genre: Paranormal Horror

Working late at her high-tech firm’s office on New Year’s Eve, Kate believes she’s the last person in the building until she discovers a trail of blood smeared across the lobby floor. She soon realizes that the exits are all locked, someone has taken her mobile and severed the phone lines. After finding bodies of her murdered co-workers, Kate understands that she’s the last intended victim of a murder spree. Thus begins a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the killer. As Kate fights to survive in a maze of darkened hallways and cubicles not only is her life on the line, but so is that of her family. Her adversary is smart and manipulative but he completely underestimates just how far Kate will go to survive. 


Director Biography:
JUAN CARLOS OLLANA is a Spanish film director and producer. After graduating from Dramatic Arts School and a Master in Film Directing in 2012, he has produced and directed short films, documentaries, TV series, theatre plays and feature films. Among these, he is the Executive Producer of The Malevolent starring Mischa Barton (2016). 

Director Statement:
In its deceiving simplicity, Overtime reminds me of films like Duel, Night Watch and Funny Games. Despite all the action this is a character driven film - it is a classic genre piece that plays with all its possibilities. Underlying the strict genre structure is a strong commentary on today’s working conditions and social imbalance. The movie challenges us to reinvent ourselves when we find that we’re trapped in the mechanisms of profit and greed. We’re all mice in a wheel, or rats in a (cubicle) maze – unless we take charge of our destiny. Like the protagonist, we have a choice – fold and give up, or fight back and regain our dignity. 

Cast Biography:
Model and actress, star of Enter the Void, Boardwalk Empire, Choke.
Best known for her roles in The Cider House Rules by Lasse Hallström, Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé and The Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch. She also joined Steve Buscemi during the first two seasons of the series Boardwalk Empire, produced by Martin Scorsese, and starred as leading actress in Nurse 3D by David Loughery.

Produced by Rebel Movies
Executive Producers Juan Carlos Ollana & Rafael Muñiz

Start shooting date November 2016
Completion date June 2017
Budget €1.200.000

Technical Information:
2017 / Survival Thriller, Horror / Spain / English / 2:35 / 100’ 

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