by Carlos Lamarche

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‘Forget Brazil, the models that everyone is talking about today are from the Dominican Republic.’ reads a recent headline in Vogue.

Dominican women from humble origins and not fitting into their home country’s traditional standard of beauty, are often the subjects of derision and bullying.
Their perseverance and extreme internal strength, brought them into an international stage and despite the racism, poverty and prejudice have become, ironically, the most prominent and famous ambassadors of their homeland today.


Omahyra Mota 
Arlenis Sosa
Lineisy Montero

Director Bio

CARLOS LAMARCHE is a lifestyle journalist and author of the book Your Style, Your Attitude featuring women of all shapes and ethnicities; emphasizing their unique beauty. He is a fashion correspondent for CNN in Spanish.

Director Statement

Dominicanas was born with the desire to make the current phenomenon of Dominican models on the catwalks and in campaigns of the fashion world known to the public. Once dominated by all white models, particularly Russians and Brazilians with blue or green eyes and long, flowing hair, the switch to the Dominican look as one of importance says much about our culture and its direction.

Their beauty is the result of hundreds of years mixing races in the Dominican Republic. In the film we portray the prejudices that still exist in the Dominican Republic about this mixture of races; a culture where women have to straighten their hair –beginning as a young child – to be appreciated in society. But things have gradually begun to change and there is today, thanks to these women, a whole "movement" that is slowly embracing Afro-Caribbean-American identity.

Original Title: Dominicanas / Spanish / Dominican Republic 2019

Status: In development

Expected: Late 2019

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