Catalogue : Upcoming Films


By Andrea Jaurrieta 

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Ana is a young, well-educated Spanish woman from a traditional middle-class family. She is about to finish her PhD in Law and get married but she doesn‘t feel fulfilled. One day, a double appears and takes her place. Realizing for the first time that she is totally free, Ana decides to explore her new anonymity and freedom, testing her own limits and searching for the meaning of life between a boarding house and cabaret nights in Madrid. 

Ingrid García Jonsson, Mona Martínez,  
Producer: Andrea Jaurrieta, Iván Luis 



By Jan Hryniak 

Genre: Drama

The fascinating life of Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor, starting from his childhood, through education in high school in Tarnow, graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts and his activity in the Krakow artistic community, international successes in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, until his death in the early Nineties. Set against a backdrop of the most dramatic moments in the history of the twentieth century – war, love, madness, international career and his absolute and uncompromising devotion to art. 

Borys Szyc, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Paulina Puślednik  



By Frank Spano 

Genre: Thriller

Log Line:
A criminal named Nando returns to his native Latin America after 30 years, with just one thing in mind—taking an organ from a human victim and smuggling it back to the United States. On this trip, Nando relives memories of his own violent past, which makes him think twice about redeeming his future. 

Nando is an immigrant who lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, 30 years ago. A successful criminal career has won him the respect of his organization, and they have assigned him a delicate job: obtain a human liver for a high-profile client. Nando is a lonely man, with a past which will begin to haunt him from deep inside. After failing to snatch a liver from a girl in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Nando realizes that this mistake can cause him real trouble. So he decides to go to Medellin, Colombia where he was born. He only has 7 days to obtain a liver and bring it back to the United States;
otherwise he will be eliminated by his own organization.
While back in Medellin he relives his memories of being a homeless kid with his street siblings, Walter and Antonia, and the sacrifices he made... 

Marlon Moreno, Beto Benites, Roberto Birindelli  



By Paco R. Baños 

Genre: Comedy

George, a cynical agoraphobic woman bounded by the amount of 522 steps she can take around her house, faces the death of her only real companion, her cat. To grant its remains a proper burial place and overcome her sickness momentarily, she transfers her entire home into a van and embarks on a road trip back to her motherland, Portugal. There, she will discover, among “saudade” and “fados”, a particular manner to deal with her past and the absence of her father. 



By Heikki Kujanpää 

Genre: Tragic Comedy, Drama

In a detention camp in 1918, a group of Finish actors are sentenced to death. When an important German general arrives, the camp’s vicious commandant forges out a cruel plan: The prisoners have to perform a play - and if they can make the visiting general laugh, they will be spared. Due to the brutal conditions within the camp, this goal seems to be impossible to reach. But after some time, even the commandant’s wife starts to sympathise with the prisoners, watching them rehearsing dressed up in woman’s clothes. 

Jani Volanen, Martti Suosalo, Axel Milberg  



By Roua Alazzawi 

Genre: Character Driven, Drama

Log Line:
A story based on multiple true events to different real people, who suffered from the hate crimes in Iraq and other parts of the Arab World. 

Iter Baghdad (Baghdad Perfume in Arabic) is an Iraqi woman in her 30’s. She lives a quiet life with her beloved husband, Rauf, and their little son Ahmed.
The family enjoys a peaceful and happy life until the deteriorating situation in their city becomes unbearable. They struggle with constant power outages, a shortage of drinkable water, dark and dangerous streets littered with military units, neighbourhood militia and the threat of car bombs, as well as the constant presence of the U.S. Army with its imposing armoured vehicles.
In despair, Iter makes what she feels is the only choice that will save her child: leaving Iraq. 

Producer: Roua Alazzawi