Catalogue : Rainbow Velvet


By Rebekah Fortune 

Awards & Festivals:
Best Feature Film for Youth at Zlín
World Premiere at Guadalajara IFF/Premio Maguey!  

Genre: Drama

Football star Charlie has the world at his feet. With a top club desperate to sign him, his future is seemingly mapped out. But the teenager only sees a nightmare. Trapped in the body of a boy, Charlie is torn between wanting to live up to her father’s expectations and shedding this ill-fitting skin. Charlie’s next move will tear the family apart and threaten everything they hold dear. 

Harry Gilby (Charlie)  



By Marcelo Briem Stamm 

Genre: LGBT, Romance

Nacho is an accountant, an average guy. At a party he meets Ana, a recently divorced and self confident young woman. Then they meet the charismatic bartender Sebastian, who starts flirting with both of them. Despite their doubts, Nacho and Ana accept Sebastian’s invitation to spend the night at his place, where nothing happens. A few days later, they decide to go on a weekend trip to a secluded farm. And it seems like it will be a fun one-night-stand, until Sebastian confesses that he desires a long-term relationship with a man and a woman together. 

Carlos Echevers  



By Roberto Pérez Toledo 

Awards & Festivals:
International Premiere at MiFo LGBT FF Miami!  

Genre: Erotic-Drama, Romance, Comedy

A message circulates from mobile phone to mobile phone. A bunch of strangers meet in a mansion. They come searching for sex, but never has an orgy been so full of love. (Or feelings?) 

Sara Sálamo  



By Ana María Hermida 

Awards & Festivals:
Official Selection at Cine Global Dominicano & Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam!  

Genre: Romance, Drama

“The Firefly” tells the story of Lucia, a married woman who, after the sudden death of her estranged brother Andrés, goes through an emotional crisis. At the funeral, Lucia cannot bear to see him being buried and escapes to Andrés’ apartment. There she meets Mariana, Andrés fiancée, who has been using the apartment as a hideout since the wedding day. Slowly the two women begin to help each other mourn their loss and grow to love one another. After going on a road trip together, Lucia realizes she no longer wants to be married and decides, once and for all, to follow her dreams next to Mariana, the love of her life. 

Carolina Guerra  



By Hanno Olderdissen 

Awards & Festivals:
International Premiere at Boston LGBT Film Festival!
Winner of Audience Award at MiFo LGBT Ford Lauderdale!
Official Selection at LesGaiCineMad, ImageOut, Queersicht Bern, UK Jewish FF, Australian Jewish IFF, Atlanta Jewish FF, QueerScreen Mardi Gras FF, JFilm Festival Pittsburgh and Washington Jewish FF!  

Genre: LGBT, Comedy

To get married is easy, but will things still go smoothly when it involves a homophobic Arab father, a pseudo-orthodox Jewish mother and an unexpected pregnancy? David and Khaled need to set a lot of things straight before they can say the vows and live happily ever after.

Max von Pufendorf  



By Barney Cheng 

Awards & Festivals:
Audience Award for best narrative feature @ Out at the Movies!
Jury Award at Outflix FF!
Opening Film at Love & Pride FF (Singapore)!
Indian Premiere @ Chennai Int’l Film Festival!
Philippines Premiere @ Pink Film Festival!
North American Premiere at Frameline, San Francisco International LGBTQ Film...  

Genre: LGBT, Drama

Log Line:
Danny and his boyfriend Tate long to have a baby. When Danny’s mother, Ma, finds out about his plans she is horrified by the idea to hire a surrogate that would carry her first awaited grandchild. 

Danny and his boyfriend Tate long to have a baby. When Danny’s mother (Ma) finds out about his plans, she is horrified by the idea of hiring a surrogate to carry her first awaited grandchild. Ma tries to stop Danny. However when she understands that he is determined, she starts to control every aspect of the process. The foursome (Danny, Tate, Ma and the surrogate) must travel thousands of miles to Bangkok for the embryo transfer. The emotionally exhausting journey inevitably pulls Danny and Ma apart, as she still has unresolved issues about Danny being gay and the non-traditional family that they are starting. 

Ah-Leh Gua: Ma  



By Luis Urquiza Mondragón 

Awards & Festivals:
Indian Premiere in Competition @ Pune Int’l Film Festival!
Luis Urquiza Mondragón won the Best Director Debut Award @ Camerimage!
Polish Premiere in First Feature Competition @ Camerimage!
Grand Prix Des Amériques (Best Film) at Montreal World Film Festival!
Best Director and Best Actor at Cine Ceará...  

Genre: Drama

Highlight: Based on a true story! The scandal related to the priest Marcial Maciel, the Head of “Legion of Christ” (Los Legionarios de Cristo)

Julian, a 13-year-old seminarian will endure a hard spiritual journey to reach Perfect Obedience. The order’s founding father, captivated by his fragility and innocence, will take him to live together with him in his private home for a year. In that time Julian will wander the most intense and contradictory phase of his life while his mentor guides him to complete psychological and physical surrender. 

Juan Manuel Bernal: Angel de la Cruz  




Awards & Festivals:
Indian Premiere at the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival!
World Premiere in Melbourne Queer Film Festival!
International Premiere in Miami LGBT Film Festival!
Italian Premiere in Torino LGBT Film Festival!  

Genre: LGBT, Drama

Log Line:
Alex is willing to become a father. Steven, his partner, has to confront his insecurities and fear of change after a lifetime smothered by superficiality.  

Alex is willing to become a father. Steven, his partner, has to confront his insecurities and fear of change after a lifetime smothered by superficiality. However what could be just an internal crisis became a legal problem when they are unable to adopt. Eager to become parents they decide to turn to the black market, adopting a child from a desperate woman who will threaten to destroy everything they love. 

Graeme Squires: Steve Evans  




Awards & Festivals:
In Competition at Rio Gay Film Festival!
Russian Premiere at Moscow Int’l Film Festival!
In competition for Best First Feature at Berlinale 2014!
World Premiere at the Berlinale 2014, in the GENERATION section!
Special Mention for Best Feature Film at Queer Lisboa!  

Genre: Coming of Age, LGBT

Argentina 1987. It is a hot summer day and a long awaited storm is slowly approaching town. Lucia and her sister Elena are alone. Elena’s friends are fighting the heat at the local swimming pool where gossip is the major sport. Elena joins Ignacio, a doctor that twice her age. Lucia, meanwhile, meets Ana, a friend of his sister and together go to the outskirts. The two sisters live an afternoon of initiation. Lucia and Elena are left to their own desires. A desire that begins and ends in that stormy afternoon, and nothing will be the same for them. 

Melisa Romero: Lucia  



By Alessandro Lunardelli 

Genre: LGBT, Feel-Good Drama

Davide and Loris are brothers and live in a very small village in the north of Italy. While Davide is eighteen years old and gay, Loris is almost thirty and don’t know anything about his brother’s sexuality. Loris and Davide go to Barcelona to watch the match of “Inter”. In Spain, Davide falls in love with Andy, an Ecology Activist from Chile. Andy invites Davide to go with him to Santiago and the boy follows him. Far from the provincialism of his city, things don’t go as Davide imagined... 

Luca Marinelli: Loris  



By Miguel Ferrari 

Awards & Festivals:
Audience Award at Skip City Film Festival!
Best Male Feature at Amsterdam LGBT Film Festival!
Goya Award for Best Foreign Film!
Best Director at Andalesgai!
Audience award "Goldene Perle" for best feature film at Perlen Film Festival!  

Genre: LGBT, Feel-Good Drama

Diego is a guy like any other one. He has a regular family and his friends don’t have anything special. But there is something that makes him different. He has a heterosexual son. One father, one son. Both of them will need to fix their differences. Everything depends on how you look at it. 

Guillermo García: Diego  



By Nejc Gazvoda 

Awards & Festivals:
In competition for the Maguey Awards in Guadalajara IFF!
In competition in the section “Central and Eastern European” at Cleveland International Film Festival!
Will represent Slovenia at the 17th European Union Film Festival in Chicago (7th March to 3rd April). Eligible for the Best Film Audience...  

Genre: LGBT, Romance

Log Line:
Two languages. Two people in love. One secret. 

An airplane technical problem makes plane from Denmark heading to Greece lands at a Slovene airport. All passengers are being taken to a hotel in Ljubljana. Among then, Iben (25), a quiet young Danish girl. She meets Tina (25), who drives a shuttle as a summer job. Iben asks Tina to take her for a midnight drive around the town... They grow closer, at a different time in their life: one is hiding a big secret and the other is simply trying to find her place in the world. 

Nina Rakovec - Tina  



By Marco Berger 

Awards & Festivals:
BAFICI (Argentine Competition)
Spanish Premiere at LesGaiCineMad (31/10-11/11) , in competition for Audience and Jury Awards!  

Genre: LGBT, Drama

Martin seeks for a temporary job at Eugenio's house. When they recognize to be childhood friends, Eugenio offers him work for the summer. A power and desire game starts and their relationship grows beyond their friendship. 

Manuel Vignau  


The Last Match  

By Antonio Hens 

Awards & Festivals:
Best Feature Film at Amsterdam LGBT Film Festival!
World Premiere in Frameline San Francisco LGBT Int'l Film Festival - In Competition
Will participate to the London LGBT FF. Selected as the gala screening for Accenture (festival’s main sponsor)!
World Premiere in Frameline San Francisco LGBT Int'l Film...  

Genre: Drama

Two Cuban boys on the edge of marginality fight to lead a life together. But it's hard for both: one has to work as a shark beating father-in-law debtors. The other prostitutes himself in the streets to fulfill his family's duties...

In an island where baseball was the king, soccer seems to be the only way to escape… 

Yosvani: Milton García  



By Diederik Ebbinge 

Awards & Festivals:
Best Film at Napoli Film Festival!
Grand Prix at Skip City Film Festival!
Grand Prix (Main Prize) at Cabourg Film Festival!
Winner of the "Audience Award" in Rotterdam!
World Premiere in Rotterdam!
Winner of Russian Guild of Film Critics: Main Award
Winner of Russian Film Club Federation: Best Film...  

Genre: Comedy

Fred is 54 year old and lives alone. He rides around in the local bus, virtuously attending church and eating his green beans, meat and potatoes at 6 o'clock on the dot every day. One day, Theo wander into the life of Fred and turns his well organized lift upside down. With the special talent of the stranger Theo, Fred starts to set out into the big, wide world. Will he fulfill his dream. 

Ton Kas, René van ‘t Hof, Porgy Franssen  



By Ingo J. Biermann 

Genre: LGBT, Romance

Eleni is abruptly left alone by her girlfriend Kaia during a trip to Norway. In order to find her lost love, she embarks on an emotional journey far beyond the beautiful Arctic Circle. When Eleni meets another woman, she finally becomes attentive to her own perceptions and desires. 

Odine Johne: Eleni  



By Zaza Rusadze 

Awards & Festivals:
Berlin IFF (Panorama Opening Film)
Best Feature at Queer Lisboa!
The first feature film of the Georgian film maker Zaza Rusadze will have its Georgian Premiere in Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (BIAFF)!  

Genre: Drama

Dmitrij returns after studying abroad to his provincial hometown. He divides his time between his dull job at the local court of justice and his hobby: rock climbing. Dmitrij’s daily routine is interrupted when he starts to flee into his fantasy world and meets his new friend Andrej…  

Dmitrij: Tornike Bziava  



By Bryn Higgins 

Awards & Festivals:
IN COMPETITON for "Special Screening" at Slamdance Film Festival
Munich a.o
IN COMPETITION at Munich Film Festival.  

Genre: LGBT, Thriller, Drama

Teenage twins Kristen and Owen are misfits in the real world, bored of caring for their mum and fantasising about murdering her. Then along comes Liam: tough, charming, full velocity, genuinely cool. Kristen fancies him with the intensity of someone in a fairytale. But Liam takes Owen out drinking – and the depth of Liam’s mis-wired obsessions soon emerge. Liam offers unconditional love to Owen…on one condition: not to be dressed like a man! 

Harry McEntire: Owen  



By Sabine Bernardi 

Awards & Festivals:
Berlinale (In Competition)
Oslo Gay & Lesbian Skeive Filmer (QUEER YOUTH AWARD)
Queer Lisboa (In Competition)
Mix Copenhagen
Taipei Golden Horse
Chéries-Chéris (GRAND PRIX)etc.  

Genre: Love-Story

20-years-old Lukas is right in the midst of male puberty - medically triggered – for he was in fact born a girl. Full of the zest for life, he enters big-city life but even upon arrival encounters a major screw up: recruited for his community service he is the only male quartered in the female nurses’ residential hall. What would be a dream for any other boy is acute, everyday stress for Lukas: being transgender means always finding yourself trapped in the wrong social compartment.

Fortunately his best friend Ine sticks by him and sweeps him into the scene of homosexuals in Cologne, where she is very well integrated. Here Lukas experiences his first real flirt – with the cheeky,... 

Lukas: Rick Okon  



By Vardis Marinakis 

Awards & Festivals:
Sevilla (Silver Girandillo Award and Best Actress)
Hellenic Film Academy Award (Best Cinematography and Sets)
Mumbai (Special Jury Award for Technical Excellence))
Cinema Tous Ecrans (Youth Jury Award)
InsideOut Toronto (Best Film)

Karlovy Vary
Palm Springs (New Voices/New...  

Genre: Epic, Drama

BLACK FIELD is set in 1654, when Greece was under Ottoman Empire occupation. A Janissary (a Greek warrior recruited by force at a small age from his Christian family to serve at the Turkish army) arrives heavily wounded at a remote Christian female monastery. He is nursed by Anthi, a young Greek nun who has taken an oath of silence. They fall in love against all odds. But Anthi is tormented by a dark secret soon to be revealed: she is, in fact, a boy who grew up as a girl hidden in the monastery, in order to avoid being captured and becoming a Janissary.
The two lovers escape to the nearby forest, in search of freedom from society’s constraints and lose themselves in a dreamlike reality... 

Anthi: Sofia Georgovassili  



By Chi Yuarn Lee 

Awards & Festivals:
Mannheim-Heidelberg (Special Mention Award)
Tokyo (Wind of Asia Award)
Taipei (In Competition)
Hong Kong GLBT
Torino GLBT a.o  

Genre: Romance, Drama

Before they could figure out what was happening, Xiao-Bu finds herself in a cat fight with Angel over a cigarette, Amy sleeps with Xiao-Bu’s boxer boyfriend, and Angel kisses Xiao-Bu. What could be worse? All three girls fall in love, feel hurt, forget and have experiences that are as random as 17 year-old Xiao-Bu’s coin toss which decides her future relationship with Angel. 

Angel - Angel Yao